• 50 Cards
  • Material: 350g PVC
  • Casino Quality
In stock
In stock

Since 1870, to the present day, when the company now occupies a sophisticated modern industrial plant with the latest technology, Naipes Fournier has remained the home of a pioneering company. Fournier has been adapting to the technological advances that have taken place since its founding and development. A centenary history based on tradition, but also constant innovation and the desire to continuously improve the quality of its playing cards, considered by many to be the best in the world.

If you really like to play cards, the Spanish deck of Plastic Fournier Cards is your choice.

Fournier are, undoubtedly, the best Known Spanish cards but it is also the most desired brand by casinos around the world. The plastic Spanish card unites the best of both worlds. The authentic Spanish deck, the tradicional ones, with the quality of the Casino playing cards Casino, plastic. Its unique resistance to breakage and marking makes these cards the most desired by card players, lasting 5 times more than a normal card. And in addition, they are washable.

Country of Manufacture Spain

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