Yerba Mate Australia was founded in 2007 with one goal in mind: to bring the best yerba mate in the world to Australia. Our founder grew up drinking yerba mate with friends and family, and now, thanks to Yerba Mate Australia, countless Australians and New Zealanders can do the same.

Yerba Mate Australia imports over 45,000 kilograms of delicious, healthful yerba mate every year. Of course, quantity isn’t everything. Yerba Mate Australia is committed to offering only the finest South American yerba mate available. We are the only company exclusively importing yerba mate from two of the biggest names in the business, Argentina’s Las Marias and Uruguay’s Canarias.

Yerba Mate Australia is devoted to satisfying customers by consistently providing high quality yerba mate at competitive prices. In line with our commitments to quality and customer satisfaction, Yerba Mate Australia only works with yerba mate suppliers that have the best plantations and practices in the industry. Above all, our mission is to supply our customers with the absolute best product possible. We also offer a USDA Certified Organic line of yerba mate products and have the most extensive range of drinking cups (gourds) and straws (bombillas) available.

Whether you grew up drinking yerba mate like our founder or are looking to try yerba mate for the first time, Yerba Mate Australia has everything you need to enjoy all that this magical beverage has to offer (just make sure to share some with a friend).