For a quick cup of yerba mate, you can't beat teabags. We stock a range of yerba mate tea bags so you can get your daily fix any time of the day. Our yerba mate tea bags are filled with top quality, loose-leaf yerba mate. With options for standard and organic you can choose the one you like best for an enjoyable cup every time.

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11 Items results

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Why choose yerba mate tea bags over loose leaf?

Aside from the convenience, yerba mate tea bags make it easy to get the right amount of tea for your cup. You also don't need a bombilla straw to drink it.

You can put a teabag into any cup of hot water for a quick, delicious cup of mate. Chuck one in a mug, a teapot, or even a thermos for a cup on the go!

+ Are these tea bags organic?

Some of the teabags in our range are organic. If you're looking specifically for organic yerba mate, please make sure to check the description. The description will tell you if the product is Certified Organic Yerba Mate.

+ Are these real yerba mate tea leaves?

Yes! All of our yerba mate tea bags are imported directly from South America and made with real, premium-quality yerba mate tea leaves from the yerba mate plant. This ensures they give you the refreshing flavour yerba mate is known and loved for with the convenience of a tea bag.

+ How much caffeine is in a bag of yerba mate tea?

This will depend on the teabags you choose. Most yerba mate tea will only have a small amount of caffeine in it, typically somewhere between 25 to 35 mg per cup, but teabags may infuse more caffeine in a cup if left to brew longer.

+ How do you use yerba mate tea bags?

It’s easy! For a hot cup of yerba mate tea, simply place one bag in a mug and pour hot water over it, at a temperature of 80 degrees. Make sure not to use boiling water as this can burn the tea leaves and ruin the flavour. Leave to infuse for several minutes, depending on how strong you like your beverage. Then enjoy the herbal taste of fresh yerba mate with its energising effect.