The techniques of processing Yerba maté have changed little since they were discovered.

The leaves are harvested once a year during winter, and great care is taken to ensure this is done at the right time of maturation. Once harvested, the leaves are dried, and then crushed.

The dried, crushed leaves are then aged in specially conditioned chambers, where temperature and humidity are strictly controlled. This process gives the leaves their own distinct flavor and aroma. This takes up to nine months but can be extended up to 24 months for specific varieties. Just like wine, Yerba maté gets better the longer it is aged.

Each batch is then taste-tested by experts, who ensure quality control. As soon as the Yerba maté is ready to go, it gets packaged up and distributed.

Here at Yerba maté Australia, we are certain that our suppliers have the best practices in place to ensure the perfect tasting Yerba maté ends up at your door.