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Yerba Mate Canarias is a Pure Leaf Yerba Mate, grown in Brazil and packaged in Uruguay, and offers a traditional flavour. It's Uruguay's most consumed brand and the most popular brand of Yerba Mate available.


If you're looking for an authentic yerba mate experience, yerba mate Canarias is the tea for you. Its loose leaves offer a rich and full deep flavour profile, without detracting from the clean flavours yerba mate is known for. 


Please note, as it is ground loose leaf it does have a lot of powder. We recommend drinking it with a bombilla straw complete with a cloth filter.

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Yerba Mate Canarias is a Pure Leaf Yerba Mate produced in Brazil, with a traditional flavour. It is Uruguay's most popular and most consumed brand of Yerba Mate.

Brand Canarias
Country of Manufacture Brazil

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