• 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Ranked in the TOP 10 EVOO World Ranking 2021
  • Over 25 Awards in the 2021
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Almaoliva Arbequino is the latest proposal of what for many is the cooperative that produces the best extra virgin olive oil in Spain. The perfect arbequino oil that best represents all the virtues and essences of this incredible variety of Spanish extra virgin olive oil.

Almaoliva Arbequino is an oil with personality. This is because Almaoliva Arbequino is a marvelous pack of the best essences of the Arbequina variety. The sun of Sierra Subbética in Cordoba, illuminates the olives that create an oil with a unique personality, thanks to its surprising flavour and aroma that will tantalise your taste buds.

A fruity and complex oil with intense aromas of green grass, chamomile, plantains and citrus. Its flavor is slightly sweet, harmonious and perfectly balanced in fruitiness and pungency. Pair this oil with white fish, chicken, salads and delicate vegetables such as endive and butterhead lettuce. It is also the ideal oil to use with sweets and desserts, or to complement a fruit salad.

Country of Manufacture Spain

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